Visiting Harvey


What To Expect

Here at Harvey you can always expect to be met with warm greetings. Show up a bit early to make some new friends, fellowship and find a seat. 


Young Children

We provide Sunday morning ministry and free Summer camp for the children of Harvey, IL. Come and check us out this Summer.


Becoming a Member

If you would like to learn more about becoming a member, leave your email and a message in the contact form below.

Service Times

Every Sunday

9:30 AM  - Christian Life and Services Seminars

10:45 AM - Morning Worship

10:45 AM - Nursery  (Infants - 4)

10:45 AM - Bible Hour (Ages 5-12)

Wednesday Nights

10:00 AM - Morning Bible Class

6:45 PM - Prayer Warriors

7:30 PM - Evening Bible Class 

Let us know when you plan to stop by!

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